Tudor Lodge Plant Nurseries Cell Grown Plants

Why Choose Tudor Lodge Plant Nurseries Cell Grown Plants?
  • Fully Functioning Root System - No loss or damage of roots when lifted
  • Extended Planting Season - All year round planting
  • Little need for ground preparation as the root plug contains nutrients
  • Higher Plant Establishment

Tudor Lodge Plant Nurseries grow directly from carefully selected British seed.  
Tudor Lodge Cell Grown Plants arrive with you with their roots intact, including the very fine root hairs. There is no damage to the root system when they are lifted. This enables the plant to establish itself and flourish more quickly.

There is no need to plant only in the dormant season, Tudor Lodge Plant Nurseries Cell Grown Plants can be planted all year round including the summer as long as you keep the roots moist.

Advantages of Cell Grown Plants
Flexible Work Planning
Allowing planting to be carried out when conditions are suitable and the work force are available.
Planting Time
Cell grown plants can be planted all year round, but the mid summer months are best avoided due to high temperatures.
Added Benefits
Cell grown plants are easily planted – the roots are contained in the plug which contains slow release fertiliser to aid establishment.
Plant Handling
If the cell grown plants are not to be planted straight away – it is important they are stood up and kept watered until planting takes place. Do not expose unprotected roots to wind and sun.
Weed Control
Effective weed control is essential for successful plant growth.
Protection from Vermin
If vermin is suspected some form of protection is needed e.g. spiral guards and canes
It is important the cell grown plants are checked for wind damage as plants which are unstable will struggle to survive. Plants are living things and need care at all times. Do not plant in severe persistent frost as this could damage the plant structure.